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Hang with friends IRL
Count Moments. Not Likes.
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  • Stats Chart

    No likes, no filtered photos, no comments, no bs. Ping nudges you to spend time OFFLINE with friends, IRL.

  • Rewards

    Rewards: Earn points when you hang. Unlock free pizza, iced coffee, concert tix, etc.

  • Stats Chart

    Stats: Last hang = the last time you saw a friend IRL. Rewind = your top hangs from the last 7 days.

  • Radar

    Nearby: Be notified when friends are nearby. Never miss a connection again! (It sucks to find out you were at the same beach yesterday.)

  • Friends

    DTH: share your location when you’re down to hang. This is the only time friends can see your exact location—and you choose who sees it. (We give you more control than Snap Maps or Life360.)

“I like to check the ‘last hang’ stats of my friends and if I haven’t seen them in more than 14 days, I might Ping them & make a plan.”
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“At the beach, I got a nearby notification and met up with my friend. We were a few blocks away, same beach, but without Ping I wouldn’t have known.”
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“Its so much better than SnapMaps because it gives me control over who sees my location and alerts me when friends are nearby.”
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“Nearby notifications make me happy.”
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